‘You’re A Melody’ with Floating Points & Red Greg

Sunday Jan 29, 3:00pm


Sam Shepherd AKA Floating Points and Darren Griffiths AKA Red Greg are two of the UK’s most respected diggers and DJs. United by their shared affection for the elusive track 'You're a Melody' by small time Michigan soul band, Aged in Harmony. After Darren guided Sam in hunting down one of the scarcely owned original pressings of the record, the two teamed up with Mafalda & the Y.A.M. enthusiasts she deems ‘Team For Someone Special,’ to reissue the 45” through ‘Melodies International’.

The much loved broadcasts of You’re A Melody parties speak for themselves, where cheering crowds eagerly wait for the needle to drop on Floating Points & Red Greg’s cherished tunes. From roaring modern soul ballads and Brazilian bunsens, to funk cuts , their euphoric selections always aim to create a dance floor where the audience aren’t looking at the stage but are instead looking at each other.

“Melodies International’s mission is to spread love all over the land in general and happiness in dance floors in particular!”