Girl Asleep (2016)

M 1h 17min Comedy, Fantasy
“An exuberant example of imaginative filmmaking that takes its cues from imagination and talent.” – Variety

About the Film

The filmmaking debut of Windmill Theatre artistic director Rosemary Myers, Girl Asleep is an enchanting tale of female adolescence. Greta (Bethany Whitmore) has newly transferred to a new school and, to her horror, finds out that her family has thrown her a party to celebrate her 15th birthday and invited all of her new classmates – including those who wish to cast her into misery. Escaping to her bedroom to dream, she’s flung into a subconscious world that is oddly erotic, faintly violent and overwhelmingly ludicrous. Having taken of the The Age Critics’ Prize at this year’s Melbourne International Film Festival, Girl Asleep is an immersive and inspired exploration of the bewildering experience that is coming-of-age.

Main Cast

Bethany Whitmore, Harrison Feldman, Matthew Whittet


Rosemary Myers